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    Featured Insights

    Crypto Exchanges

    By providing essential features for crypto exchanges, Venturex Labs designs platforms that adjust to your needs, whilst scaling, optimizing and securing them. We ensure AML/KYC integration, risk management optimization, payment integration, accounting and reporting systems, advanced APIs, customized designs fit for mobiles, desktops and Apps and many more customizable features.

    IT Assistance

    We deliver IT Outsourcing services globally, adding value to companies. Our team of 70+ highly skilled software engineers provide quick, secure and reliable solutions for all required technologies. Blockchain Consulting and Engineering, IT consulting, Web Apps, Maintenance, Software Products are just some of the services we provide within tight time frames, high standards, and at competitive rates.

    OTC Trading

    We believe encountering our clients for crypto trades is the best way to build long, trusted and reliable partnerships. This is why we enable retail and institutional transactions in our premises and encourage crypto users to engage in over the counter operations with Venturex Wire.We provide all major crypto currencies with a focus on high customer service, enabling accurate trading and personalised experiences.


    Blockchain Solutions in every field of life or business. Venturex Labs provides blockchain solutions across a wide variety of industries through its Consulting, Software Engineering, and Outsourcing Services. Quorum development, Hyper Ledger, Smart Contracts, Payment Gateways, Security Token Offerings are just some of the services we work on for our clients.