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    As we contribute in changing business dynamics, we apply corporate-ready blockchain solutions, creating reliable environments for enterprise. We believe the potential of this technology to be exponential and strive for some of the highest standards in our industry.


    Our expertise derives from solving challenges and providing blockchain solutions to help entities grow. Venturex Global offers knowledge and experience-based blockchain consultancy and engages in collaboration to redefine business ecosystems. By increasing trust, efficiency can operate at whole new levels.
    Transforming the way we perceive and exchange value is clearly paving the way to change. As we explore and implement blockchain technology we are reshaping the future of transactions and data management. As businesses compete, blockchain enables room for growth, trust and enterprise.
    Only few sectors are not already benefiting from blockchain technology. As we move forward in providing solutions for fintech, crypto, public services and the insurance sectors among others, we are witnessing global adoption. Distributed information across most industries is only a matter of time.

    Our history

    • June 2017
      Venturex Global is founded.
    • Aug 2017
      Venturex Solutions is created.
    • Sep 2017
      Venturex Wire is created.
    • March 2018
      Venturex Labs is created: blockchain consultancy.
    • May 2018
      Venturex Digital is created.
    • June 2018
      Venchex in progress (Crypto Exchange).
    • June 2018
      Venchar in progress. (ICO)

    2017 Founded

    Venturex Global was founded in 2017 providing blockchain consultancy for the public and private sectors. It now operates in several continents, and manages 6 international brands.

    2017 Founded

    Venturex Solutions was created to provide hardware solutions for crypto mining operations, supplying crypto miners with turnkey products, secure systems and reliable mining equipment.

    2017 Founded

    Venturex Wire was created in an effort to provide crypto traders with simple, fast and secure over the counter transactions, catering customers’ needs and enabling smooth operations.

    2018 Founded

    Our Information and Technology Lab addresses challenges witnessed throughout a wide range of industries whilst consistently improving Research and Development for blockchain solutions.

    2018 Founded

    Providing web marketing tools and services in order to optimize business online presence, Venturex Digital enables fast and secure results for growing enterprises.
    Venchex, Venturex’s crypto currency exchange, is currently in progress and aims at providing crypto traders with a distinguished user experience for fast and secure transactions.
    Venchar, Venturex’s Security Token Offering project is currently in progress and will enable access to tokenized assets.
    I was extremely pleased with the consultant provided by Venturex Global. Andry brought the optimal mix of knowledge, accounting knowledge and real world experience
    Evelyn K. Parker
    CEO at Mashoe Corp.
    Venturex Global helped us to integrate all the current tools and helped us make social media a daily habit.
    Nicolas Gonine
    Manager - Paris (GDRHEC)
    Joyce was great. He came well prepared and able to present his ideas in a compelling way. I would definitely re-hire Joyce if the opportunity presents itself.
    Jeremy A. Chartrand
    Senior engineer at B&G Corp.